I was born in a Sindhi family that migrated from pre-partition present day Pakistan and was raised in Mumbai, India. Through my years, I have always valued freedom but struggled with feeling binded in inherited systematic beliefs and personal fears. Today, I can honestly say that I am equipped to be pursuing everything I cherish with complete joy as I have persistently worked through my personal development and spiritual connection. Liberated from years of burden of low self – esteem, body image stigma and lack of self – worth, I am unfolding to my true authentic self and in doing so I have truly fallen in love with myself. And from this place of self – acceptance and self – love, I offer my gifts and talents to those who seek the answers that I am chosen to bring forth just for you. You can sign up my Weekly Donation Reiki group or receive a private healing event with me. I look forward to our rendezvous.

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My journey with Reiki started as a kid when my aunt would Reiki my tummy for when I was nervous for exams. Years later I was guided to be attuned after a heart wrenching breakup. At this point I was already aware of Law of Attraction and Abraham Hicks. It was as if everything made sense. I continued my Reiki studies since 2011 to being a Reiki Master Teacher in 2014. The first person I attuned was my mother and although she has passed away, it was our connection via Reiki that helped me deconstruct and build our relationship in new light-ness. It is one of the blessings I always cherish. Along the way, I learned tools such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping), Access Consciousness and Ho’oponopono. I am also tuned into Astrological events and provide birth-chart analysis as that is the primary map in time space co-ordinates of your existence. I have always been open to learning which recently led me to discover the 12 steps for Codependency Anonymous and has given me an improved understanding of healing childhood traumas, beliefs and unraveling stuck patterns with an expanded compassionate vocabulary. To me spiritual growth is in harmony with growing in many areas simultaneously while experiencing the light, joy and freedom that life is!

All my healing events are intended for your highest good. I don’t know what is in your highest good and by just trusting this intention I am guided to information from a neutral point of view as it is. Healing Events are made up of applying EFT and other times it will be a combination of various modalities as I am being guided by both our collective higher powers.

Healing Events are available in person or online. Location is West Hollywood, CA or I can visit you. Online events are on Skype / Zoom.

I accept PayPal, Venmo , CashApp or Cash.  No one is turned away for lack of funds. 

I offer all levels of Reiki Attunements. If you are interested in learning from me, please send me an email connect@soffeah.com .  

I apply Emotional Freedom Technique in all my sessions. If you are interested in learning how to do this on your own, I offer a 2 – hour workshop where I guide you with my personal approach to applying this amazing tool which has helped me collapse my fears, limitations, traumas and inherited generational beliefs.

EFT Workshop – $400